05/07/2016By MarijnBirds

Bij zoemt blij, Paardebloempluisjes in de wei. Oh, deze ijsvogel¬†die wordt toch zo blij, Van zomer. Een glas in mijn hand, Mijn sneeuw warmt zich dan het warme zand. Oppassen dat mijn neus niet verbrandt. ‘T is zomer. Maar niet heus. Af en toe tussen de buien door piept de zon tussen de wolken. Door … Read More

Learn to Fly

29/06/2015By MarijnBirds

A few weeks ago I spent some time photographing fledgling Little Owlets at their next box in the backyard of a friend. There were originally five of them but one had overplayed its claw, lost a balancing act and ended up between timber in a shed prematurely. One could hear it hiss and beg for … Read More

Fight for your Right (to Party)

22/04/2015By MarijnBirds

A fabulous cold and sunny morning. I stood on a small footpath right between two large ponds. On one side, the rising sun set the shards of mist over the water on fire. A lone coot swam in exactly the right place and provided the much needed anchor in an otherwise already fantastic landscape shot. … Read More

Upside Down

10/04/2015By MarijnBirds

Who’s to say What’s impossible Well they forgot This world keeps spinning And with each new day I can feel a change in everything And as the surface breaks reflections fade But in some ways they remain the same And as my mind begins to spread its wings There’s no stopping curiosity I want to … Read More

Black Swan

18/02/2015By MarijnBirds

Quiet weeks on the image making front. Projects are only slowly, very slowly, getting somewhere and my timing, energy and inspiration are severely lacking. But that’s ok, I know from (a lot of) experience that things can change in a heartbeat. That’s not to say I have not been busy with photography though. I finished … Read More

Ice Queen

10/12/2014By MarijnBirds

Although Old Man Winter is not yet here in person, the tips of his long and bony fingers have touched ground in our neck of the woods. Several days with a little frost at ground level and the first razor thin sheets of ice on fens and ponds. I love how your nostrils start to … Read More