Black or WhiteSince my return from Bulgaria two weeks ago, I have not touched the camera at all. It seems I need time to recover from an overkill of photography. I got up around 4am every day and only let go of the camera around 11pm to recharge both my battery and the cameras.

Back home, the inspiration is just not there yet. This is a common phenomena, at least to me. It happens about every time I return from a fantastic phototrip, lasts for two weeks or so and then slowly fades away. That means I’ll probably be out in the field again next weekend. Preparations have been made.

I used the weekend to clean my harddrive and came across some ‘old’ RAW files that I have never processed before but are definately worth keeping.

Raven are very intelligent birds that are not easily fooled. Last year in Sweden as well as recently in Bulgaria, I experienced that even the slightest movement of the camera may flush them. This one was taken in the afternoon. The morning had brought only few shots of the raven and I was very sure they were well aware of my presence. So after lunch I decided to take the risk and just swing the lens in whatever direction that was necessary to get a flight shot. I got some flightshots, but needless to say that the raven did not land or perch in front of the hide anymore that day.

Common Raven; Canon 1D Mark III w. 500/4 IS; 1/640s at F5 and ISO 400; Gitzo tripod from tenthide