Backyard habitatAlthough I love to go on a photographic holiday, either in the Netherlands or someplace far away, the far majority of my images is taken in a nature reserve very close to my home, or even in my own backyard.

Visiting a place near your home over and over again enables you to get to know that place and the flora and fauna that call it home. You’ll know in what season you can find a certain species. Also, you’ll know exactly when and where you can expect the best light conditions.

This knowledge about light and your photographic subjects will certainly show in the quality of your images. You’ll spend less time looking for your subjects and the right light and can instead concentrate on getting the best possible photograph.

This simple graphic image of a common honeybee was taken in our backyard, which is just a few square meters in the centre of our village. With the right kinds of flowers and plants and a very small pond, lots of insects are drawn to our little garden. That means there’s always something to photograph whenever your shutterfinger itches again.

Honeybee on sunflower; Canon 1D Mark III w. Tamron 90/2.8 Macro; 1/800s at F4, ISO 400; Gitzo tripod with Markins ballhead.