The weather forecast for Friday predicted ‘fog, lots of fog’. So inspite of a Thursday night out, I got up early on Friday to photograph a foggy sunrise at the local heathland.

When I got there, the sunrise was nothing but very disappointing. Hardly any color in the sky and the fog seemed to have missed this part of the world. All in all a rather bland morning, but nonetheless I got some nice images and learnt about some good spots for when circumstances are bound to be better in the near future. Too bad sunrise will be an hour earlier next time!

On Saturday, I went to the international nature photography festival of the GDT in Germany. Presentations by Andy Rouse and Manuel Presti were very inspiring as expected. The exhibition of the winning images of this years contest was great as well. Beautiful large prints of the best European nature photography has to offer at this moment. Make sure to check out their website next week to have a look at the winning images. Overall winner was a real Spanish stunner: a fisheye shot of a Griffon Vulture feeding on a carcass, taken from within the carcass!

Heathland at sunrise; Canon 1D Mark III w. 17-40/4 L; 4s at F16 and ISO200; Tripod, remote release and ND Grad filter.