Autumn feverAutumn is my favourite time of the year. The forests and parks sport an amazing variety of colors, there’s a certain smell in the air that I really like and the mornings are often foggy and crisp at the same time.

(Maybe I should also mention that I am getting married in autumn, more specifically September 25, 2009.)

And best of all, there’s an abundance of subjects waiting to be photographed. Birds come to the feeders again, roe deer and squirrels are easier to spot in the decidious forests and spiders and fungi make for interesting seasonal subjects.

The problem is that I often find it hard to choose what to photograph on the few autumn days that I have the time to go out and shoot. I have decided to leave the bird feeding station alone for another few weeks until the first frosty mornings are here (which seems to be soon!). And thus I am focussing my attention on macro subjects and landscapes, something I find myself doing more and more.

Here’s a local stream on a foggy morning. Only in these low-contrast circumstances is it possible to get satisfactory results. With more contrast, the scene would get chaotic very quickly with all the scattered light and dark patches.

Autum stream; Canon 1D mark III w. 70-200/4; 1/30s at F11 and ISO 200; Gitzo tripod.