Are you nuts?That’s what the squirrel that features this photo must have thought when it saw me lying on the floor behind my camera, halfway into our living room with the garden door wide open.

In autumn 2006, this little chap came to visit our small garden every day at the exact same time to feed on the seeds and nuts we had put out for the local bird community. So I decided to make use of the situation and take some photos. I am glad I did. The large park garden in which it resided has been demolished lately, to make room for the build of 10 modern bungalows. We haven’t seen the squirrel since.

Needless to say I feel sorry for the little guy and hope it has found a suitable new place to live. Please feel free to come and enlighten us with a renewed visit, we’ll provide the nuts! And oh…thanks for the little walnut and chestnut trees in our garden.

Red Squirrel portrait; Canon 20D w. 500/4 IS; 1/160s at F5,6 and ISO 400; Beanbag from floor.