Weather has been drab and gloomy all weekend. In conditions like these, I normally take the macrolens and look for abstract images in the microworld. Not this time.

At the end of last winter season, I got some interesting ideas on the photographic possibilities at my feeding station. These ideas have evolved into actual plans lately. And thus I reopened the Titty Inn in the local woods, feeding started about a month ago. I thought the rainy midmorning hours might be very suitable to check out the number of guests during a few hours.

I was happy to see lots of Great Tits, a lovely Nuthatch couple, some Chaffinch, a comical Willow Tit duo and the odd Robin, Wren and Blackbird. Only the Crested Tit, Blue Tit and Coal Tit have not yet made their reservations. But alas, it’s still early in the season. And after all, for the kind of images I have in mind, it does not really matter what kind of bird features in the shot. Here’s a standard restaurant shot of a Nuthatch. More to follow during the next weeks, hopefully with some interesting and unusual results.

European Nuthatch; Canon 1D Mark III with 500/4. 1/160s at F5 and ISO 800. Gitzo tripod from hide.