It’s been a while since my last post, and for a very good reason. Today one week ago, I got up at 5am to visit the kingfishers again, as I expected the chicks to explore the world outside the nest that day. I was just about to leave, when my wife told me she had had a strange feeling in her stomach for two hours. As she was 39 weeks pregnant, it could well be THE moment, so of course the kingfishers would have to do without me. To keep a long story short (and to keep it a happy story), about 10 hours later Hanneke and I became the proud parents of our beautiful daughter Linde: she too had decided to explore the world outside the nest that day.

Besides the joy of being a new dad to a wonderful baby, I am also very happy with Linde as a willing model for my photography. She keeps relatively still, which will undoubtedly change by the time she becomes aware of the camera. I like to play around with the cheap but powerful 50/1.8 lens for portraits. Depth of Field is very shallow wide open and the results at 1600ISO on the Mark III are perfectly usable. Several Photoshop plugins provide me with edgy results. Very funny to spend the few minutes with that I have left every day after the bulk of household chores are done. Not sure when I’ll find the time for ‘real’ nature photography again, but keep visiting the site and blog, as I will surely be updating every now and then with images and news.

Ah, diaper changing time again, it sure smells like nature here!

Linde; Canon 1D Mark III w. 50/1.8; 1/60s at F2.8 and ISO1600; handheld.