Over the years that I have been visiting the local fishing ponds, I have found a lot of proof for the presence of foxes (Vulpes vulpes, Vos). Tons of excrement, freshly killed ducks and even an unused den or two. People that, like me, regularly visit the place, often saw foxes on the trails between the ponds. Not me, I never saw one, the closest I got was steaming excrement.
Until two weeks ago, when I was there to repair the floating hide. During the hour I spent at the ponds, I saw an adolescent fox three times on the same path, all around noon. Highly unusual, but favourable conditions for a photographer.

So yesterday I went back and lay down in the wet, high grass at the edge of the trail and waited. After two hours, I saw an adolescent fox slowly make his way towards me. He approached me up to some 15 meters, looked up to check out the clicking sound of the shutter and disappeared into the dense reeds. Only to suddenly appear again two meters behind me. We were both frightened! Later on, I saw two adolescent foxes frolic around on the same path, some 100 meters away. They did not get any closer, so I decided to leave. When I almost arrived at the spot I had seen the two, they just came out of the reeds. I got flat as fast as possible, the camera still ready. To my surprise, the two curious foxes decided to stay and check me out from a safe distance. After 5 long minutes, they got bored with me and went back into the reeds they call their home. See you next time, curious little chaps!

Adolescent Fox; Canon 5D Mark II w. 500/4L IS; 1/400s at F5.6 and ISO400; tripod and camo cloth

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  • Hi Marijn,

    What an awesome shot of this great fox! Good to see you found them again. Good luck on your next effort, they already took the bait once..


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